Avonmore Musical Society - 1979 - 2018 Celebrating 39 years of Musical Theatre in Arklow

Our cast so far. Congratulations to all.

Darryl: To be announced
Alexandra: Jenny Lee
Jane: Naoimh Penston
Sukie: Denise Brennan
Felicia: Elaine Sweeney
Clyde: Robert Donnelly
Michael: Michael Pluck
Jennifer: Alison Coyne. 


Thank you to all who attended our information evening on Tuesday 2nd of December in Murphy's Bar. As promised Patrick Bracken is all ready to go to provide you with audition packs. You can contact him on the Avonmore phone at 0868722010 or e-mail avonmoremusicalsociety@gmail.com. Below are character outlines for the parts that will be auditioned on the 9th of December in St. Mary's College, Arklow at 7.30pm. Alongside these characters their will be a lot of cameo roles both male and female that will be cast throughout rehearsals.

The Witches of Eastwick - Character Outlines:

Alexandra 30+
Description: Free spirited - bohemian - strong independent, experienced with men - works with clay making sensual female forms, but doubts herself as a "real" artist - think of Edie from Desperate Housewives - becomes one of the three "witches"
Vocal: Strong harmony ability
Movement: Good, sensual mover
Range: G below middle C to C.

Jane 20's - 30's
Description: Closed - old fashioned - uptight - gentle - passionate about music - practices cello endlessly (alone) - perfectionist - would need to mime playing cello effectively - think of Bree from Desperate Housewives - becomes on of the three "witches"
Vocal: Strong harmony ability
Movement: General Movement
Range: A below middle C to top C

Sukie 20's - 30's
Description: Sweet, gentle, naive - a little bit dizzy - ment want to take of her, protect her - loves words, voracious reader & loves writing but would never admit her ambitions - think of Susan from Desperate Housewives - becomes on of the three "witches"
Vocal: Strong harmony ability
Movement: General movement
Range: A below middle C to E 

Felicia 30's to 50's
Description: Runs the town's newspaper with her husband Clyde - hard, strong woman - ball buster - husband Clyde is hopeless, like all men - control freak - paranoid but with good cause - a leader people fear but don't like - central control for town gossip - capable of becoming hysterical.
Movement: general Movement
Range: A below middle C to top C.

Darryl Van Horne 40s - age is almost unknown
Description: The consummate charmer - smooth - insincere - knows he is wonderful - loves the way he can manipulate people - the devil in silk - can turn on the charm, loves a challenge - capable of fiery temper and brutal revenge.
Movement: Good mover
Range: Low A to high F#

Michael 16 to 20's
Description: Cartoon like - squeeky clean geeky lad - soooo in love with his sweet heart Jennifer - cringe worthy poopsie - diddums young innocent love - a tad annoying.
Movement: General movement 
Range: C to high G (top C in falsetto)

Jennifer 16 to 20's
Description: Like Michael - squeaky clean, vomitous sugary lovey dovey stuff - but just a little more cluey- cluey enough to dump Michael at the drop of interest shown her by Darryl- this not so innocent dansel is rushed off to church to marry Darryl who has effortlessly charmed her.
Movement: General movement
Range: G below middle C to C

Clyde 40's
Description: Runs the town's newspaper with his wife Felicia - long suffering miserable - everyone knows hs's miserable - scared of his wife - jumps when she enters the room - always seems to be doing the wrong thing when she's around - yearns pathetically for the other women and some morsels of pleasure in his life of servitude - we see him make a series of weak attempts to kill himself.
Movement: General movement
Range: D to D 

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